Free Mapking Map of Singapore for Download

For those who do not wish to buy Mapking Map (routable with GPS function) can rejoice at this news because they can get the map for free.

This free map is actually a joint effort from SLA (Singapore Land Authority). Anyone who has a Windows Mobile 5 or 6 and above can download the map for free. Link to get the free software after the break


You can get the software at the below link.

Click here to get Free Mapking Singapore Map Software

If you want to know more information, click the below link to SLA website.

Click Here to SLA Mapking Website

Here are two screen shot of the Mapking software. Notice that you can only use two functions.



  • bob

    It’s free only if you have Mapking 2007.

  • Really? I thought that the software is given as free?

    If it is NOT free, then it is very misleading… I have a routeable mapking, so I am not sure.

    Sorry if I have been given the wrong impression.