Singtel HTC Dream Android Phone Event – SG SavvyShopper Application – Video Within

This SG SavvyShopper Application is one of the most interesting application amongst the rest. The reason is because it helps you to save cost and you can use it on any products (e.g. toilet roll, can food, DVD, electronics and etc) and if the product is in the database (ShengSiong Supermarket), it will pull out a list of places where you can buy the product and also the pricing for each place.


One of the cool thing about this application is that it uses the camera and act as a barcode reader. During the demonstration, there are some problem with scanning the barcode but accord to them, it is due to the lightings. I think this reason is valid as the yellow lights are making it difficult to “see” the barcode accurately.


I have requested to demonstrate the full process of using this application. Here is a short video of it.

Basically, it scans the barcode, check with the database from ShengSiong Supermarket and if this product exist, it will download the information to the HTC Dream. Alternatively, you can key in the product code (found on barcode) to search the product or use the cateogory and search function to find your product.

Updating of the prices in the database is in the backend. The person can do the updates via the web. Currently, the only partner is ShengSiong and Singtel. Hopefully, there will be more vendors into it and the pricing would definitely be more accurate.