Singapore Made Chip May Be Able to Power Phone for 2 Weeks Without Recharging

This should be good news for many people.  Imagine a phone that can be powered for 2 weeks without recharging. This is made possibly by a super chip made in Singapore. This is chip is smaller than a Singapore 5 cents coin and it was unveiled at the International Solid-State Circuit conference in San Francisco yesterday.


According to Straits Times, this chip consumes 30% lesser power and thus devices can last longer without recharging.

It was mentioned that it was an out-of-the-box the concept. Instead of using power to shield off electrical noise, this device is supposingly uses the electrical noise to produce the power. Thus, the overall is lesser power consumption and longer battery life.

From Straits Times,

This out-of-the-box concept for the microchip, which was invented back in 1947, came in 2005 from Rice University computer scientist Professor Krisna Palem, who is also the director of NTU’s Institute of Sustainable Nanoelectronics.

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