Google Latitude Works in Singapore (Partially, at least)

After blogging about Google Latitude 2 days ago, I venture into testing it myself. Encountered some problem but I can confirm Google Latitude works in Singapore too.. although I think some functions may not be available. Read how you can enjoy Latitude in Singapore after the break.


I used my HTC Touch HD. My friends are using HTC Touch Cruise and Touch HD.

Use Latitude on Your Windows Mobile Device

  • First, you will need to get the Google Map with Latitude software. To do this, you will need Internet Explorer Mobile to go to
  • You will be prompt to download the software. Save the CAB file to your device and install the software.
  • Next, run the Google Map software. For the first time, you will be warned about Latitude and privacy. Read it carefully and proceed.
  • To see your location, press the blue button on the bottom right screen. If your service provider allows you to locate by their service network, you will be prompt your current location. (So far, Starhub and Singtel works fine. M1 needs more testing as it sometimes could not provide update).
  • Next, go to Menu on Google Map Mobile and select Latitude.
  • You will be prompt to enter Gmail or Google account. Get one if you don’t have it.
  • Select your contact and a prompt will be given to state that an email notification is sent to the contact for his/her action.
  • Once your contact setup the Latitude and enable you to see, you will be able to see your contact.
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So, what if you are using a desktop and wish to find out why their friends are. There is  solution. You will need to use iGoogle (unless you are using Google Chrome) and install Latitude Gadget. Sounds difficult but in fact, quite straight forward.

I read in some websites that when you are in the countries that don’t support Google Latitude, you will be prompt that your region is not supported. I also encountered this but by luck, I found a workaround.

Use Latitude on Your Desktop

  • On your desktop, go to
  • Scroll down near to the end of your screen and locate the “add Latitude to iGoogle”. Click on it


  • Once you have done that, you will be sent to your iGoogle page (make sure you are log in to Google account).
  • You will be ask to agree to share information on Latitude. Read carefully and proceed.
  • There, you have Latitude on your Desktop. It will be a small screen. Click to expand it. Below is an image capture of Latitude on Desktop using Satellite view.


Enjoy.. Latitude and forget about your privacy.