Rumours Saying Windows Mobile 6.5 Devices to Arrive in Q3 2009 and Live Mesh

More and more rumours, leaks, news coming out just before the Mobile Windows Congress next month. This time, it is saying that Windows Mobile 6.5 (WM6.5) devices will hit the shelves in the third quarter of 2009. However, no official news yet (as usual). Microsoft is keeping it secret.

However, recently, I came across Live Mesh again. It is something like MobileMe and also something like a storage place for Windows Users. What is interesting is that although Live Mesh has been heard since many months ago, I took some time to watch the advertisement in HD again and I realised that Microsoft has been hinting many things in the film.

Actually, I was quite surprised that Live Mesh was not discussed at all when MWC is so near the corner. Anyway, the first thing that came to my mind is whether the picture below is Windows 7 or not. It is difficult to tell since there are so many similarities to both OS.


Next, I observed that Microsoft is telling the whole world that their product can perform cross platform. In the ad, it shows a MacBook synchronising with a Zune. What do you think?


I am not familiar with Zune. Is there some differences in the synchronsing? Anyway, the shot is showing that the dad  is sharing songs using a Zune. See below on the dashboard of a car. Also, the dad is adding comments to the video that he saw in the shared folder.


Then, there is this lady in a car that has a dashboard that is powered by Microsoft. Seems like a digital Radio system that can connect USB devices and connect to the Internet, and of course, with Live Mesh.

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Now, this is a HTC Touch Dual (If I am not wrong). But interestingly, the UI is very different. I guess it is a tad similar to the rumoured WM6.5 UI. What do you think?


Finally, a gaming pad with keyboard. That means the console has become interactive! I think I saw something similar in CES report by Engadget. Looks like Xbox360 is going interactive (more).


This are just my opinion as I see similarities on the Video in the way Microsoft might be going towards.

Actually, you can now use the shared Desktop function of Live Mesh. You will need to sign up or log in using your Messenger Live id. However, mobile phone function is still not ready. Right now, you can connect Desktops to the Live Mesh network. And you have a storage of 5120mb free!

See the screenshots below.


So, take your time to try out Live Mesh Now!

Click Here to Live Mesh

And the Video that I was talking about, click the link below to watch it. Remember to watch it in HD quality.

Click Here to Watch the Video