HTC Touch HD Review – Protection

It is almost a month now that I have the Touch HD. So far, there is not much complain. I will put a separate one-month thoughts and review later. Right now, I am more concern on how to protect my Touch HD.

I have gone from website to website trying to find a casing that is really thin and able to protect my Touch HD. Finally, I narrowed down to 2 options: An aluminium casing (PDair) or the Invisible Shield from Zagg.


However, I find that the aluminium may be a little too thick (although it states that it is very light weight). Whoever that uses this casing, please let me know how you feel about this casing.

I think that the design of the casing is nice, especially the back part where it protects the camera.


But when it comes to putting the Touch HD into the pocket, I believe it will be a problem.

The next product that I looked at is the Invisible Shield from Zagg. It is a protective shield that is resistance to scratches.

HTC Touch HD (Full Body)

The concept is simple. Paste the shield on the Touch HD and that is it! However, one major concern is that it will not protect you from a drop. But it is definitely pocket friendly. If you have used it before, please let me know.

Here is a short video of Invisible Shield

So, what is the casing that you have?

Here are the link to the websites:
HTC Touch HD (PDAir Aluminum Black)

HTC Touch HD (Full Body)


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