SkyCar to Travel From London to Timbuktu – Video Link

Finally, a car that can you can drive when there is road and fly when the road ends. This is possible now with SkyCar. A car that run on biofuel, with a big blow fan and a “ParaWing”.

The SkyCar is venturing in a journey where no car has taken. It will travel from London to Timbuktu in about 40 days.


Looking at the specification of this buggy like SkyCar, you will be amazed at its performance.

Extracted from Straits Times,

On the ground the Skycar runs on a biofuel-powered engine, and can accelerate from zero to 100kmh in 4.5 seconds.

But with a powerful fan on the rear its take-off speed is 60kmh, and once in the air it can fly at speeds of up to around 110kmh, cruising at 2-3,000 feet with a paraglider-style canopy holding it aloft.

And at 5:00 PM Singapore time today (Wednesday), this SkyCar will start its journey from London. Good Luck!!

Click this Link to Watch the Video of SkyCar

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