HTC Touch HD Hotfix for TouchFLO 3D

Here is an update from HTC website for HTC Touch HD.


From the website, it states that some users had experiences frequent flickering of the title bar in TouchFLO 3d. Therefore, a fix had been made for user to download.

If you have this problem, please follow the link below.

Click Here to HTC SEA website for Touch HD TouchFLO 3D Flicker Fix

Click Here to HTC WWW website for Touch HD TouchFLO 3D Flicker Fix

Seriously, I am not sure if there are any differences for South East Asia (SEA) and WWW (Worldwide) version. My opinion is that if you have registered to your respective region, you should go back to the same region for download.

BTW, for WWW, there is another Hot Fix for “Touch HD Arabic Added Value Applications“. It saids “This package includes Added Value Applications such as Holy Quran, Prayer Times, Hijri Calendar and iScreen(Multilanguage translation and dictionary). NOTE: This will only work on Touch HD with Arabic Support.

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