Where to Get PhotoBook Printing in Singapore?

Tell me the truth. How many of us (yes, us!) are in the same league of people who would just shoot pictures in their digital camera and NEVER print them out? How many of us always give the excuses that digital prints are forever and ever…? If you are one of them (or us), we are in trouble because there is something that we cannot deny… Photobooks.


I remember giving excuses saying that it is so difficult and useless to print those pictures out. Those nice pictures that you have seen on Weddings are done professionally and there is NO WAY we can do it. WRONG!!!

Now, with broadband and Internet savvy entrepreneurs, we have the birth of online photobook printing. I believe in Singapore, we are a little bit behind but nevertheless, it is better late than never.

So, how do we print out our pictures. Very easy…

  • Download the software.
  • Import your images into the software.
  • Arrange till your heart content.
  • Send it online for printing.

The charges (in my opinion) is alright.


There are more options but I am not going to elaborate here. Check it out yourself.

Click Here to check out PhotoBookSingapore

Payment is simple. It can be done by Visa or Paypal. BTW, there is offers of free delivery to many other countries.

Something to note, which I think is good. Photobook Singapore is part of the Photobook Worldwide Group. That means it cater to many other countries too.

This is NOT the only PhotoBook Printing in Singapore. There are more.

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Prices vary but I am sure you can find one that you like. 🙂