Hacked Mobile Phone Analyses Blood, Detects Diseases Instantly

This is really a break  through if it ever commercialised. Apparently, Scientists from UCLA discovered a simple and fast method to analyse blood sample and therefore, detect diseases fast. This is very crucial in developing countries where medical aid and equipments for blood tests is insufficient.


With this revolution method, doctors on the field will not need bulky and expensive refrigerators. UCLA researcher Dr. Aydogan Ozcan explained how this can work.

How it works? (copied from wired.com)

  • Thousands of blood cells are imaged instantly by placing them on an off-the-shelf camera sensor and lighting them with a filtered-light source
  • The filtered light exposes distinctive qualities of the cells, which are then interpreted by Ozcan’s custom software.
  • By analyzing the cell types present in a much larger sample, a more accurate diagnosis can be made in a matter of minutes.
  • No more sending blood away to a lab and waiting days or weeks for the results.

Some of the images of the mod mobile phone and the setup.








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