More Holiday for Singaporean Next Year (2009)

More Holiday for Singaporean in Year 2009, provided if you plan properly. According to Straits Times Chart, you can have eight extended weekends next year because there are seven of the 11 public holidays falling on either a Friday or a Sunday. However, to enjoy the super weekend, you will need to take some leaves in-between/.

Singapore Public Holidays For The Year 2009

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The dates for the eleven specified public holidays for 2009 are as follows:

New Year’s Day
1 January 2009
Chinese New Year
26 January 2009
27 January 2009
Good Friday
10 April 2009
Labour Day
1 May 2009
Vesak Day
9 May 2009
National Day
9 August 2009
Hari Raya Puasa
20 September 2009
15 November 2009
Hari Raya Haji
27 November 2009
Christmas Day
25 December 2009

* The following Monday will be a public holiday

2.   The date, 15 November 2009, for Deepavali needs to be checked against the Indian Almanacs when they become available towards the end of 2008. Should there be a change in date, the Ministry of Manpower will announce it towards the end of 2008.

3.   The list of public holidays for 2009 is available through the following channels:

• The Ministry of Manpower’s website and

• The Ministry of Manpower’s Interactive Voice Response System at telephone number (65) 6438 5122 to request a faxed copy of the list of public holidays.

Here is the calendar that Straits Times made. A bit small.


If you look hard enough, you can see some blue boxes. This indicate that you have to take leave during this period to enjoy the  long extended holiday.

BTW, in the Straits Time comment, it stated that the date for Deepavali is wrong. It should be in 17th October 2009. True?

Click Here to Read the Sraits Time for the full story.


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