Jihadist Forum Called for Facebook Invasion, Becareful

A member of a Jihadist forum called for a Facebook Invasion, saying that by doing so, they can reach millions of people. This was mentioned after they had called for a “Youtube Invasion” last week.

This picture is from a password protected jihadist forum, called al-Faloja. According to Straits Times, the SITE Intelligence Group, a US-based monitoring service, reported on Wednesday that the appeal for a ‘Facebook invasion’ was made on Tuesday.

They urged members to Facebook as a new and exclusive media tool to fight the media offensive on jihadist media, its forums, and its websites and in order to reveal the Crusaders.

I think this is sick. Facebook is a social medium where people enjoy meeting with old and new friends and to socialise through Internet. So, from now onwards, be very careful when you join groups. You never know what you are getting. If you want to read the full story, click the link below.

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