Do Something Good This Christmas – Join World Community Grid

I saw this news in Straits Times today. It is not new News anymore as I have heard about it years ago. However, this time, I decided to take action.

Based on the report, it mentioned that SCIENTISTS at Harvard University and IBM are hoping to harness the power of a million idle computers to develop a new, cheaper form of solar power that could revolutionise the green energy world. However, this is just the tip of the iceberg. They have many other programs running as below. But in this post I will only mention the one on Clean Energy (solar energy).

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So, what is the benefit of joining this project. NOTHING, no benefit for yourselves but your action benefits the whole world. Sounds great, isn’t it?

What this organisation does it that worked with Harvard University and IBM to harness the power of all the idling computers in such a way that it become a Super Computer. Right now, there are more than a million people in the program.

Using the power of these computers world wide, it is able to compute the most complex algorithms at a fraction of the time.

But first, you will need to sign up and download a program to run as a screensaver in your computer. I have done it and now I will see how much time I clock for my Desktop to help in the projects.

Ok. Back to the topic of Solar energy which I mentioned that I will discuss. Currently, Solar cells that are developed are silicon based. They are using technology similar to Semiconductors. This takes time and high cost and the manufacturing process is not that simple.

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Alternative methods have already surfaced in the sense of using plastic that is flexible and cheaper to produce. However, the drawback is that at the present moment, the amount are electricity that can be converted from the solar cell using plastic is only 5% as compared to Silicon Based Solar cells that can convert at 20% or more. More studies are needed to improve the conversion using plastics.

As such, IBM and Harvard University teamed up with the rest of the world to reduce the computing time needed to develop a new and cheaper form of solar energy.

This new generation solar cells (if success) can be made into coating for windows, integrate into backpacks or line blankets and etc.

So, wait no more. Help the World and also Help Ourselves..

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