China QiGi i6 Mobile Phone Running on Google Android and Windows Mobile – Video Link

The previous day, I was mentioning that Kogan is introducing a new Android phone and someone had ported Google Android into a Nokia Table N810. Now it seems that China is also hot on their heels to come up with a Google Android OS phone plus Windows Mobile. Introducing QiGi i6.

Video and information after the break.

What is interesting about this phone is that it has two OS, Windows Mobile or Android. However, you cannot dual boot both. This will definitely solve the problem of user who wishes the best of both worlds. The specification of this phone is also not bad.

  • Processor: 624MHz
  • Memory: 256MB of ROM, 128MB of RAM
  • Others: Trackball

In this sense, China is definitely ahead to think out of the box. Watch the video below on this phone i6 demonstrating the Google Android OS. It is a bit long. About 10 minutes.

Click Here to Watch the Video


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