Apple App Store Users have Downloaded More Than 300 Million Apps Till Date

That is what I call an achievement. Apple has made itself proud again. Just 6 weeks ago, it mentioned that the App Store had hit the 200 Million download mark. Now, it is claiming that it has just passed the 300 Million Download mark.

It is not difficult to believe. However, I am just interested how many of these downloaded are paid downloads. Other than Apple who is laughing to the bank, I believe the Telcos that carry the iPhone had been benefitting from it too, with the data traffic.

From iLounge,

The announcement came in the form of an advertisement run in today’s New York Times, in which Apple touted the more than 10,000 applications now available in the App Store, from games to business programs. The App Store officially launched on July 11 alongside the iPhone 3G and iPhone OS 2.0.


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