HTC bought Design Firm One & Co who Helps to Design TouchFlo 3D

Get ready for more funky designs, more creativity from HTC. HTC had acquired the private firm, One & Co that helps to design the infamous TouchFlo 3D UI and also the Touch Diamond itself.

This One & Co is based in San Francisco. Not only did they help HTC, their clients include Coca-Cola, Adidas, Dell and etc. However, HTC is not restricting them to do design consultancy for other companies. I believe this is a great move. Never let the creativity juices stop flowing.

Hopefully, we will see more better design HTC phones in the near future. As I mentioned in my previous post, HTC roadmap as disclosed by Melvin, HTC product Manager, the future will be communication and specific purpose handsets.

Click Here to the Official website of One & Co


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