DIOR Diamond and Black Phone has 640 Diamonds

We have seen Prada or Chanel phone. Now, DIOR joined in the fun with this diamond and black phone, called, DIOR Phone Diamonds ‘Glorious Black’. A mouthful to describe but as the name implies, this phone is full of diamonds. In fact, 641 of it, accompany by sapphires.

The DIOR Diamonds “Glorious Black” in Clam shell design has a hand brushed stainless steel case and comes with a flat “electroluminescent keyboard”. As you can see in the picture, the 640 diamonds total to about 3.251 carats, are lined up along the edge and lines.  Sporting both a Dior and CD logo, the phone is available in UK for £15,000 (about US$28000).

What about the specification? Who needs them when the only thing you want to show is fashion, not geek 🙂

Click Here to DIOR Diamonds “Glorious Black” Website