Digital Polaroid Camera with Print Out is Finally Possible

Tomy has come up with a digital Polaroid called Xiao (TIP-521). The interesting thing is that Tomy incorporated a Zink Printer into the camera and therefore allows the user to print on demand.

Years ago, when digital camera is getting popular, I was thinking if it is possible to have Polaroid in digital format. Of course, this created some question marks from people. Why do you need to to have a digital Polaroid when the main function of a Polaroid is to print out the image instantly. I guess my question has been answered 🙂

BTW, the camera is going to be sold in Japan from this Friday at ¥34,800. As for the paper for the printer, it will cost ¥880 for 20 sheets. The paper comes with adhesive on the back. It is printed in 2 X 3 Inch format. Also, you can use the printer separately by IrDA of any handphone. But bear in mind that WiFi and Bluetooth is not supported (strange..).

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