iPhone Your Life, The New Mini Website Just for iPhone

This is a new initiative by Apple who wants the consumer to “make full use of the iPhone”. To me, it means more data usage and thus more revenue for Telcos. Nevertheless, Apple had come up with 5 mini websites for iPhone. They are: Around Town, World Travel, At Home, Getting Things Done and Fun and Games.

Around Town is what the name implies, around town. Get Application like YP mobile (Yellow Pages), G-Park (so that you can remember where you park your car), Cities Podcast (to listen to the various cities and their highlights) and etc.

World Travel is on Maps, TravelTracker application, currency converter and etc that you need when you travel round the world.

At Home is interesting. More on how to entertain those kids at home. Manage your Ebay, Use iPhone as a remote and etc.

Getting Things Done is on productivity and time-saving features like reQall, OmniFocus, Ambiance and etc.

Fun and Games is all about games and Youtube.

Not sure what I am talking about? Hit the Link below.

Take Me to iPhone Your Life Official Website


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