Boot Up Your Computer in 4 Seconds – Video Link

Are you frustrated everyday when you switch on your computer, wait for the seconds to tick by before getting into the main screen? If you are one of those, there may be a solution for you.

InstantBoot lets you boot up your computer in 4 seconds! And there is a video to proof.

More information and video after the break.

There is some catch to this InstantBoot. You must have the ASRock motherboards, InstantBoot (With the BIOS, you can select InstantBoot to be enabled or disabled). Next, it must be on a single user without password.

So, how does it work? ASRock  actually did some manipulation of the Advanced Configuration and Power Interface that Microsoft uses for its sleep and hibernate modes. What it do now is that the moment you press shutdown, the backend of the shutdown processors will reboot it up again and put it in a Suspended Mode.

So, whenever you want to boot up your computer, it just wake up from suspended mode. Easy? Oh, yeah, did I mention that the electrical power must always be ON? 🙂

Watch the video.

Click Here to Watch the Video.