12.35 MegaPixels Camera Module from Sony Coming Your Way

Many, many years ago, if  I was told that there will be up and coming Nokia phone with camera function, I was laughing it off thinking that it is not possible. Fast forward to now, we were already having trouble thinking if it is a camera with phone function or a phone with camera function. Now, Sony will make us even wonder if we really need that juice just to print a 4R picture with a whopping 12.35 MegaPixels Camera.

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Sony’s latest camera is an Exmor IMX060PQ CMOS sensor. It is a 12.25 MegaPixels and 1/2.5 CMOS size sensor and it may be available in March next year. Below is a shot taken using this sensor.

Seriously, I think developer should look into the sensor size, rather than the resolution for future phone. With a big sensor, the picture will definitely looks more contrasty and rich in colour. And if we pair up with a good lens, you can just ditch your compact camera away. HTC, are you listening??

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