Gmail Now Comes with Voice and Video Chat, RSS also Gets Translated

Google has done something new to the Gmail again. This time it enhances it with the additional of Voice and Video Support. Watch the icon on the chat list.

More information after the break.

I have not tested out the video yet. As it is so new, there are none in my contact list that has the video function. Seems like the software is needed for individual computer.

If you don’t have a webcam (but have a microphone), you can still use audio over email or the chat function. BTW, the video can be resized.

Also another new function is the RSS reader (Google Reader) translation service. A excerpt from Straits Times:

An RSS feed can be set up using Google Reader, for example, to pull articles from a Turkish blog or website, and the content can be automatically translated into English or any of the other nearly 20 languages available.

Now, lets start the fun.

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