HTC Touch HD Very Detailed Review – Video Link

It is yet another HTC Touch HD Review. Similar to other review, the answer is that this phone is one of the best Windows Mobile phone around. However, when compared to Xperia, the built is something plastic and lacking but still solid. As for the keyboard, iPhone keyboard is much better in terms of intitutive input (auto pop up with the character).

Can’t wait to get the hand on the phone. From the many reviews world wide, it seems that the HTC has done a decent job on the Touch HD. As many are worried about the battery life with the big 3.8-inch screen, the review states that it is much better than iPhone’s. Only time and testing will tell how good or bad this Touch HD is. In the meantime, enjoy the review.

Click Here to Read the Review at MobileTechAddicts.

Here another review but in video format. Take note that this is NOT an English review. However, as the saying goes, “A pictures speak more than a thousand words”, this video will definitely makes you understand more on the HTC Touch HD. If you still wants more, download the Manual here.

Click Here to Watch the Review Video by tecnophone.