USB 3.0 Specification to be Unveiled to the World this Month

USB 3.0 has been discussed for so many months now. Finally, heard some news that the specification will be released this month. USB 3.0 is slated to have 10 times faster transfer bitrate to reach about 4.8 Gbits/s. That is 600Mb/s transfer speed!

Intel actually demonstrated to the World about USB 3.0 in the year 2007. It seems to take them more than a year to get the specification ready for release to the World.

From Engadget,

Speaking at the Windows Hardware Engineering Conference in Los Angeles, USB-IF president Jeff Ravencraft reportedly stated that he expects the “final specifications to be made public on November 17,” and given that said day will mark the opening of the SuperSpeed USB Developers Conference in San Jose, we’d say it all jibes pretty well.

So, we will need to wait until 17th November to know more on USB3.0

If you really like, click here to understand current development of USB3.0


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