Mgestyk system Gesture Control is the Answer for Minority Report – Video Link

Have you seen Minority Report by Tom Cruise? It is not a new movie. However, if you have surfing around, many technology has been revolving around the content in the show. Example like the infamous glove seen where Tom Cruise uses a special glove to shift digital data around. I remember when I saw the scene, many people around me laughed, thinking that it is very comical.

Technology improved over the years. I am glad to say that this is possible now. In fact, even better than in the show. You will not need to put on any glove to perform the task, using this Mgestyk System Gesture Control.

Watch the video demonstration after the break.

Click Here to Watch the Video Demonstration.

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Actually, I have seen similar demonstration during the CommuniAsia 2008 in Singap

ore. Here is a short Video clip of it.

Click Here to Watch the Video.