Live Plant Blogging from Cafe in Japan, No Joke – Video Link

This is not a joke. It is an experiment on how the plant react to the public through electrical signals. BTW, the plant is a Sweetheart Hoya and blogs by the name of Midori. Now, who says that he or she cannot blog?? 🙂

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Midori can be found at Bowls Cafe in Kamakura, southwest of Tokyo. It is the work of a University engineer who wants to study how plants communicate.

Midori’s blog is by the name of Kyo no Midori-san (or Ms Midori Today). She will regularly update her blog based on the “feeling” at that moment. Public can touch her or even gets a shot on her webcam.

The setup of this blogging pot plant is very simple. The plant is connected by electrode and wires to a computer which has a special software to translate the electrical signal to words. This will then be updated to the blog. The entry to the blogs can range from talking about the weather or fortune telling..

Click Here to Watch a Video of Midori from BBC News

Click Here to go direct to Midori, the Plant, Blog

Click Here for a English Translated Version of Midori’s Blog