New Bandai Toy, Tuttuki Bako, that You Can Poke Your Finger Into

I really amazed by how Japanese can think of new toys. In this case, it is called the Tuttuki Bako (Poking Box). Bandai’s Asovision new toy plays with the human mind as human are a curious lot. When there is a hole, human mind will be curious enough to put the finger into it. What the box does is it emulates your finger on the digital screen when you poke into the box. There is a digital snail with a string Panda on a Yoyo in the middle of the screen that you can use your digital finger to poke or push around.

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This Bandai toy will be launched on 15th November in Japan. In my opinion, it is not cheap. It cost about USD35 according to Tokyomango. BTW, it has many scenarios. It can also add as a clock.

Watch the video of Tuttuki Bako in action. A bit boring..

Click Here to Watch the Video.

Here’s another information on this Bandai’s Tuttuki Bako.

Click here to go to Tuttuki Bako Official Website.


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