Mice Cloned After Being Freezed for 16 Years – Video Link

You have to believe it. A mice that was dead for 16 years and put into a freezer (-20 degree Celsius) in permafrost condition was resurrect with a new cloning technology, made available by Japan’s Institute of Physical and Chemical Research (RIKEN).

It is a very complex technique that involves extracting nuclei from the ruptured brain cells of the frozen mice (after breaking down the tissue with culture solution). It then uses conventional nuclear transfer technique (which involves inserting cellular material from the frozen mice into the egg cells of healthy mice) to create embryonic clones from the brain cell nuclei.

The cloned embryos were then used to establish embryonic stem lines. The researchers produced four cloned mice from this technique. These 4 mice were then breed to maturity and mated with other healthy mice to produce the offspring. This experiment will not stop. In fact, their next project is to clone a mammoth.

Here is a short video of the clone mice.

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