Google Bard is Now Gemini

AI is such a big thing now. And Google definitely do not want to lose out. They had a bad start with Bard, and guess what, Bard is now Gemini, and you can use it immediately.

Check out the introductory video on Gemini.

Some information about Gemini

  • Bard is now called Gemini to reflect the advanced tech at its core.
    • It will be available in 40 languages on the web, in a new Gemini app for Android, and through the Google app on iOS.
    • Gemini is rolling out on Android and iOS phones in the U.S. in English starting today, and will be fully available in Singapore in the coming weeks.
  • Introducing Gemini Advanced — a new experience that gives you access to Ultra 1.0, our largest and most capable state-of-the-art AI model.
    • Gemini Advanced is far more capable at highly complex tasks like coding, logical reasoning, following nuanced instructions and collaborating on creative projects.
    • With longer and detailed conversations, Gemini Advanced can be your personal tutor, assist you with advanced coding tasks and help digital creators go from idea to creation.
    • Gemini Advanced will be available through the new Google One AI Premium plan, that’s now available at $19.99 USD/month, starting with a two-month trial at no cost.
  • Duet AI will become Gemini for Google Workspace and Google Cloud.
    • Soon, consumers with the Google One AI Premium plan can use Gemini in Gmail, Docs, Sheets, Slides and Meet. 

If you need more information, please check out this blog post by CEO Sundar Pichai. Or you can go ahead to check out Gemini at this website.