This Robotic BabyAlpha Dog Can Be Your Pet

If you think of robot dog, you might think about Boston Dynamics Spot or Unitree Go2. However, they are not cute enough. Now, there is a new (robotic) dog in town (in China). That is the BabyAlpha from WEILAN. It looks like a dog, has those flappy ears and a tail. Check it out.

It behaves like a pet and can go around the house autonomously, or you can use the remote control to move it around.

I think one of the selling points is the accessories that you can add on to it. And it looks cute and harmless.

I have seen some videos on TikTok on it. However, there are not a lot of videos of this BabyAlpha currently.

Pricing wise, it is not cheap. It starts from approximately SGD1,900 to up to SGD5,000 for the BabyAlpha Sport variant. I tried to copy those specs that are different from the variants. Check it out.

There are a lot of features on it. You can also check out their official website in Chinese (use Google to Translate to English if needed).

WEILAN BabyAlpha Official Website

I am not sure if it can be shipped to different countries though.