Meet the AI Powered Vending Machine Robot at City Square Mall

If you happened to be at City Square Mall, go and find the interactive Robot Charlie, an AI-powered Vending Machine robot that is on trial there for 3 months.

Get ready for a retail revolution! Introducing Robot Charlie, an AI vending machine that is set to redefine your shopping experience at City Square Mall. City Square Mall is the first mall in Singapore to deploy this interactive robot to keep retail offerings fresh and engaging and will be at the mall for a trial period of three months. 

Let me share with you the PR information of Robot Charlie.

Origin of Robot Charlie

  • Brainchild of Blue Sky Tree Pte Ltd, a leading representative of technologically advanced machines and automation equipment.
  • Robot Charlie is one of the corporation’s high-technology vending machines and robot concepts tailored to enhance businesses.
  • Robot Charlie is the first automated vending machine in Singapore that dispenses items to entice shoppers as it roams through the spaces of level two, at City Square Mall.

What it can do

  • After purchasing an item, shoppers can play scissors, paper, stone with Robot Charlie through a motion-sensor screen.
  • Upon winning the game, the item will be dispensed and Robot Charlie’s mouth will open to reveal the item.
  • This highly-programmable robot and its accompanying AI features enable City Square Mall to tailor engagement strategies based on feedback and reception.
  • This customised touch not only amplifies the impact of customer engagement but also injects a layer of enjoyment for shoppers.  
  • Apart from being a vending machine, Robot Charlie also doubles up as an advertisement platform for tenants, It can also greet shoppers based on a pre-set script that can be customised according to the occasion and can even display emotions using emotive features, such as a cheerful smiley face.  
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Event happening at City Square Mall

For the first few weeks of programming, Robot Charlie will be dispensing interactive lollipops from Amos Sweets.

The interactive lollipops come in two forms:

  • The first being audio lollipops ($14) in the flavours Blueberry and Strawberry, which play rock music and hip hop music respectively.
  • The second variation is recordable lollipops ($18 to 28), which allows customers to record their voice and play it aloud, or even record Christmas greetings – an ideal gift for your loved ones during the festive season. These are available in the flavours Peach, Shimmering Strawberry, Strawberry Sparkle and Cupid’s Kiss.

From 4 to 8 December at 1pm, shoppers can play a game of ‘Let it Snow! Let it Snow! Let it Snow!’ with Robot Charlie to win instant rewards. They can simply follow City Square Mall’s Facebook and snap the falling snowflakes fitted on the screen. By presenting their photo to the staff on-site, shoppers will be rewarded with a mystery gift. 

In line with City Square Mall’s positioning as Singapore’s first eco-mall, Robot Charlie will also be giving out a reusable carrot bag as one of the prizes for the game, encouraging shoppers to embrace sustainability by reducing the use of plastic bags. 

Let me know if you have met Robot Charlie at City Square Mall.