Bring Your Byeol Polaris Mini UV Sterilizer Everywhere You Go

If you are worried about viruses on high touch areas or surfaces, and you do not want to carry sanitizing wipes or sprays, the Byeol Polaris Mini UV Sterilizer is for you.

It has 5 UV LEDs on it, and is useful for frequently touched surfaces like elevator buttons, door handles and etc. Let me show you the size of it.

However, do not be misled that you use it in this way. For small objects, you can put inside the container. For high touch area where you want to disinfect, you can just use the “cover” with the UV lights to disinfect like this.

I am not sure if you agree with the feature or not, it mentions that “In the long run, a mini portable UVC sterilizer can be cost-effective as it eliminates the need to constantly purchase disposable sanitizing wipes or sprays. Unlike traditional cleaning methods, UVC sterilization does not involve the use of chemicals, making it safe and eco-friendly.”

Currently, it is offered at S$69 (UP: S$129) from now to 31 December 2023, limited to the first 200 customers only. It is available online here or at their physical shops (more details in the Press Release below).

Press Release

Bbyeol by Ruhens introduces the New Compact Polaris UVC Sterilizer: A Convenient and Effective Solution for Disinfection

SINGAPORE, 24 November 2023 — Bbyeol is proud to announce their latest addition – Polaris UVC Sterilizer. This mini cutting-edge sterilizer is equipped with EternalGuard Technology, a patented technology that ensures unprecedented product durability, enhanced sterilization efficiency, consistent pathogen targeting and utmost safety. It features a total of 5 UVC lights with a proven track record in disinfection to ensure consumer’s safety.

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Bbyeol Polaris UVC Sterilizer is perfect to bring along in sterilizing high-touch surfaces ranging from elevator buttons, door handles, public restroom fixtures to tables, utensils, personal belongings and more.

Its compact and lightweight design ensures ease of portability, fitting effortlessly into a bag or pocket, enabling users to maintain a hygienic environment wherever they go. With Polaris UVC Sterilizer, users can also reduce the use of sanitizing wipes or sprays, contributing to a more sustainable and eco-friendly approach to personal hygiene.

Bbyeol Polaris UVC Sterilizer comes with a comprehensive warranty package, including a 6-month product warranty and a 12-month UV warranty. Bbyeol also offers islandwide delivery, ensuring that everyone can easily access this indispensable tool for a cleaner and safer environment.

To celebrate the launch of the product, Bbyeol Polaris UVC Sterilizer will be offered at $69 (UP: $129) from now to 31 December 2023, limited to the first 200 customers only.

Customers can purchase through or physical showroom located at 3 Temasek Boulevard, #02-341/342, Suntec City, 038983 or 33 Ubi Ave 3, #01-31, Vertex, Singapore 408868. Strictly by appointment only.

About Bbyeol

Bbyeol is the rising star of innovative and affordable high-tech home gadgets, committed to creating a smart and sustainable living experience. Bbyeol is passionate about technology and accessibility, which drives the brand to bring cutting-edge solutions to every home. By focusing on affordability without compromising on quality, Bbyeol aims to bridge the gap between tech enthusiasts and the wider public, making the benefits of smart living available to people from all walks of life.