Is the Samsung Galaxy S23 FE For You?

Thanks to Samsung, I have the chance to review the Samsung Galaxy S23 FE (Fan Edition). It is a short review but as a S23 Ultra user, I believe I can immediately let you know if it is worth having.

As you might already saw on my previous post, I went to their launch event recently and had the chance to see other S23 FE colorways.

The Samsung Galaxy FE is definitely targeted for the younger generation who wanted a Galaxy phone with similar features to the flagship and yet does not break the bank. At less than SGD 1,000, it has almost the same specs as the Galaxy S23+ except for the screen size and processor specs (S23 FE is using Exynos 2200 while S23+ is using Snapdragon 8 Gen 2) and some minor details.

So, why did Samsung have the Fan Edition. I believe the best reason is that it feels like a flagship (slightly bulkier) with a pricing that is comfortable for most people.

If you compare the size of the screen to other Flaship S Series , the Galaxy S23 FE has a unique screen size.

I tried to compare the specs of the S23 FE and the S23+, they are like 95% the same. Do note that even though the S23+ has a bigger screen, it is lighter.

In terms of camera specs, they are similar, and most will not notice the differences. Of course, if you are a person who wants the best camera system, the S23 FE is NOT for you.

Here are the camera specs differences between the S23 FE and the S23 Plus. Can you spot the differences?

For the front facing camera, it does not have auto focus.

The moment I looked at the bottom of the S23 FE, it immediately reminds me of iPhone.

In fact, I stacked up the S23 FE, iPhone 14 and iPhone 12 as shown below. They are quite similar, right?

On the top, it has a microphone and the SIM card slot.

On one side, it has the rocker volume buttons and the power on/off button. On the other side, it does not have any buttons at all.

It is using One UI Version 5.1 which is the same as my S23 Ultra.

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I did not specifically focus on the camera. Instead, I focused on the user experience of using it as a normal phone. The battery is good. Screen size is good, and really good for viewing content on it.

As mentioned earlier, it is slightly bulkier than the S23+. You can feel that it is very solid and well built. Without any casing, the 3 rear cameras lenses are quite protruding. I do suggest that you get a casing for it. My review unit does not come with any casing. You can check out my unboxing here.


Overall, a very good phone, especially it comes with everything (almost) that a flagship phone has, including wireless charging. With that pricing (sub-SGD 1K), it is worth to consider when comparing it with S23 or S23+. You can check out the full details of the Samsung Galaxy S23 FE here.

Click Here to Check Out Samsung Galaxy S23 FE

If you are already a Samsung A series user, this might be a good upgrade. Again, thanks to Samsung for loaning the set for this review.