Behind the Scenes of Apple Event Shot on iPhone 15 Pro

Yesterday, Apple had a very short event introducing the M3 family of chips (M3, M3 Pro, M3 Max) on their latest MacBook Pro and iMac.

What is interesting was that the whole event was shot on iPhone 15 Pro. There were a lot of comments about wanting to know how Apple did it, and Apple did not disappoint.

Check out the behind-the-scenes on how they shot the event using the iPhone 15 Pro.

I already saw many people commenting that the accessories to achieve the quality is way above the cost of the iPhone 15 Pro. I have to agree. However, to use a smartphone to introduce cutting edge technologies in the global stage is a big bet for Apple to prove that their products are really good. I think they have achieved that. During the event, I did not even think that it was shot on a smartphone (thanks to the lighting and clever editing).

BTW, the MacBook Pro with M3 chipsets are currently on available for order and delivery will start from 7th November 2023.