You Can Now Send High Resolution Picture on WhatsApp

If you have been updating your WhatsApp app, you might have noticed a new feature that lets you send high resolution or HD picture to your friends.

Previously, WhatsApp will reduce the resolution of your picture before sending over. The “work-around” is to see the original picture as a document (as an attached file).

Now, with this update, you get to choose whether to send it in low resolution (Standard quality) or high resolution (HD quality). The process is very simple: –

  • Select the picture(s).
  • Click on the HD icon and you will get to choose the standard or HD.
  • When HD is selected, the HD icon will show a tick.
  • Pictures sent over in HD will have a HD word on it.

If your original picture is already not HD, you cannot select this feature. Some of you might already have this option for some time already. I believe WhatsApp is just rolling out globally.

What do you think? Do you like this feature?

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