HUAWEI MateBook 16s and MatePad 11.5″ LTE Up for Pre-Order Now

Looking for a touch-screen laptop that doesn’t break the bank and has decent specs? Check out the HUAWEI MateBook 16s. If you don’t mind not having Google, the HUAWEI MatePad 11.5″ LTE is another product that you should look out for.

Both of these products are currently on pre-order. And if you pre-order now, you will get lots of freebies. Seems like this is the way Huawei likes to do a promotion. And consumers will definitely benefit the most.

Check out the Press Release below for more information.

Press Release

HUAWEI MateBook 16s and MatePad 11.5” (LTE) Bringing You The Latest Smart Office Features 

SINGAPORE, 4 September 2023 – Introducing the latest Smart Office Duo, HUAWEI MateBook 16s powered by a brand-new 13th Gen Intel® Core™ Processor and HUAWEI MatePad 11.5” (LTE) that boasts a cutting-edge HarmonyOS 3.1[1] operating system. As part of the HUAWEI Super Device ecosystem, enjoy seamless connectivity and file transferring between devices with just a simple drag-to-connect gesture.

Brighter Visuals than Ever with HUAWEI MateBook 16s 2.5K Touch Screen Display

The HUAWEI MateBook 16s inherits the 2.5K 16-inch Touch Screen from the previous generation and upgrades the brightness and clarity of the screen by taking it from 300nits to 400nits2. This means you can visualise your work better or watch your favourite film on a more brilliant screen, while also easily navigating across files and pages with the 10-point touch screen feature.

With Great Power Comes Better Handling of Responsibilities

As work gets more and more hectic and diversified in needs, users are demanding better performing computers that can handle fast-paced work scenarios. Thanks to the all-new 13th Generation Intel® Core™ i9-13900H, the HUAWEI MateBook 16s brings much-enhanced performance with a TDP of up to 60W[2]

With 14 cores and 20 threads, the highest turbo frequency reached 5G Hz. Meanwhile, the processor also adopts a hybrid architecture of performance and energy-efficient cores. The performance cores (P cores) handles heavy-duty tasks such as gaming, real-time rendering, and video clipping, whereas the E-core handles light-load or background tasks, such as rendering output, downloading tasks, audio, etc., and intelligently plan resources according to task requirements to ensure the right task is run with the right core. 

When it comes to make-or-break work presentations, which are often executed via online meetings now, it might get frustrating when large files and applications lag when opening or when you’re scrolling through them. Super Turbo solves these issues in the system and alleviates anxieties around PC performance in and out of the office. By switching Super Turbo on, users can open 1GB files (such as 150-page PowerPoints) faster than before. 

Anti-Interference Network Stability and Smart Features You Can Rely On

Equipped with Huawei’s very own metamaterial antenna – HUAWEI Metaline antenna, MateBook 16s can achieve a long-distance connection of up to 270 meters[3], while ensuring users still enjoy a smooth and stable internet signal. The HUAWEI Metaline antenna has wall penetration capabilities too, allowing you to enjoy long-term stable connectivity even when you’re working rooms away from the router.

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The HUAWEI MateBook 16s also takes smart conferencing a step further. AI Camera and AI Sound optimises the conferencing experience, protecting the user’s privacy with virtual background, noise-cancellation algorithm, and keeping you in the centre of your big presentations with FollowCam. Personal Voice Enhancement5 allows users to enhance their voice when presenting and suppress distracting background noises, allowing you to create a private and quiet meeting space even on the go. This edition of the PC also allows users to connect wireless or Type-C earphones, supporting more earphones to suit the user’s needs.   

Enjoy seamless connectivity between devices with Super Device[4] too, which allows users to instantly connect their devices to the PC with just an easy drag and drop. No longer will you need wires to bring together various external devices or conduct file transfers! In fact, you can even have multiple configurations using Super Device for differing needs. 

With so many smart features, Huawei brings users closer to a future of seamless AI Living, where tasks can be centralised and executed more intelligently, adding more convenience to our lives. The HUAWEI MateBook 16s is also a milestone in this progress and helps users achieve their passions and career goals easier by eliminating the accumulation of small, frustrating technological roadblocks that bog you down in the long run.

Revolutionize Mobile Working with HUAWEI MatePad 11.5” (LTE) Smart Office Features

Packed with a 11.5-inch large screen with a 120 Hz refresh rate[5], a detachable keyboard, and the cutting-edge HarmonyOS 3.1[6][7] operating system, the HUAWEI MatePad 11.5” (LTE) provides the high-level smart office and entertainment capabilities. The 120 Hz HUAWEI FullView Display, standout performance, and all-metal uni-body design offer the look, feel, and real-world performance of a device well out of MatePad’s price range. 

Work Made Easy with PC-like Office Capabilities

The detachable HUAWEI Smart Keyboard features 1.5 mm long key travel8 and multiple PC-level shortcuts, so that you can type easier and tap less. AI Voice9 supports voice to text conversion in numerous languages with just a press (English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Arabic, Polish, and Malay), to give your fingers a breather.

HUAWEI MatePad 11.5” (LTE) runs the latest HarmonyOS 3.1 operating system, which comes with a treasure trove of smart office features with drag and drop operations that make it effortless to work between the tablet and a mobile phone, PC, monitor, Vision product, and headset. HarmonyOS 3.1 also supports a new and enhanced Multi-Window9 and App Multiplier, bringing HUAWEI MatePad 11.5” (LTE) PC-level multi-tasking capabilities to the next level. 

The tablet supports the HUAWEI PC App Engine, which reproduces the PC WPS Office10 experience, to meet a far broader range of office requirements than those covered by mobile apps. These features include the WPS Office PC-version interface, window hovering, multi-window display, window zooming, and keyboard and mouse-based input and navigation, endowing the tablet with a whole new level of functionality. HUAWEI MatePad 11.5” (LTE) also supports Multi-screen Collaboration[8], large folder management, and FollowCam[9][10], features that make online conferencing, mobile office and crossdevice office work newly immersive.

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Surging Power Leaves Battery Anxiety Behind

HUAWEI MatePad 11.5” (LTE) packs a high-performance chipset featuring a 4 nm process, and supports 2×2 MIMO dual-antenna Wi-Fi 6 and 160 MHz bandwidth, to deliver superior gaming performance. The tablet also comes equipped with a 7700 mAh battery13, which can support up to 10.5 hours of video playback on a full charge[11], and supports 20 W fast charging, so that you can work, watch, and study on the go without a care in the world.

Price and Release Date

The HUAWEI MateBook 16s and HUAWEI MatePad 11.5” (LTE) will be available for pre-order exclusively at Huawei Official Stores on Lazada and Shopee from 1 – 8 September 2023, with up to $200 OFF# the HUAWEI MateBook 16s and $511 worth of freebies. 

Products will also be available at HUAWEI Experience Stores in 313@Somerset and Westgate from 9 September 2023, with up to $511 worth of freebies* up for grabs. 

#$200 OFF HUAWEI MateBook 16s is only applicable at HUAWEI Official Stores on Lazada and Shopee, from 1- 14 Sep 2023. *While stocks last. T&Cs apply.

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[1] Actual product data may vary depending on the product manufacturing process and measurement method. The actual product shall prevail. 2Typical values.

[2] i9 version is 60 W TDP in Performance Mode. 

[3] Data comes from Huawei labs. The 270 m distance is the longest distance between the router and laptop in an open, obstacle-free environment, for which smooth website browsing can be ensured. Actual usage may vary slightly depending on environmental factors, device, and other factors. 5Only certain Huawei laptops running PC Manager version and above connecting to certain wired microphone headphones or wireless headphones support this feature. Actual usage may vary depending on the headphone model, usage habits, video and audio software, and environmental factors. Actual experience shall prevail.

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[4] Only certain Huawei mobile phones, tablets, monitors, and certain Huawei laptops running PC Manager 12.0.1 or later support this function. If you have any questions about this feature, please contact your local Huawei customer service hotline.

[5] Supports a maximum screen refresh rate of up to 120 Hz. The screen refresh rate may vary depending on the specific app or game. FullView display is a commonly used term within the industry, and generally refers to screens with narrow bezels and a high screen-to-body ratio.

[6] Actual product data may vary depending on the product manufacturing process and measurement method. The actual product shall prevail. 9This feature is only compatible with certain apps. The list of supported apps will be updated on a continual basis. Feature effects are for reference only. The interface and overall experience for this feature may vary depending on the specific product.

[7] This feature is only supported on certain Huawei PCs running PC Manager 13.0.3 or later, and certain Huawei phones and tablets running HarmonyOS 3 or later. The devices must be logged in to the same HUAWEI ID, with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enabled. Only certain apps, text and images adapt to this feature. Actual experience shall prevail.

[8] This feature is only supported on certain Huawei tablets running HarmonyOS 3 or later. This feature is available via OTA update. The number and types of apps available may change without notice due to changes to partnerships, authorizations, commercial conditions, and technical considerations. PC-level WPS Office is available only on products for Malaysia, the Philippines, and Indonesia.

[9] Only certain Huawei phones, laptops, monitors, HUAWEI Visions, and headsets, and certain Huawei tablets running HarmonyOS 3 or later support this feature. If you have any questions about the overall experience, usage restrictions, or models supported by this feature, please contact your local Huawei customer service hotline.

[10] mAh is the typical battery capacity. The built-in battery cannot be removed.

[11] Data comes from Huawei lab tests conducted with the brightness set to 200 nits. When the battery is fully charged, it supports 10.5 hours of local 1080p video playback. Actual usage may vary depending on the product, software version, usage conditions, and environmental factors.