Have You Got the Latest WhatsApp Feature?

I have been waiting for this feature since I saw it on some social media postings. Finally, it is here on my Android phone. This latest WhatsApp feature, Instant Video Messages, might change the way we communicate.

Check out how to use this feature.

Now, with this Instant Video Message, your friend can no longer trick you into believing that “they are on the way” to meet you. You can ask for video proof now.

It is limited to 60 seconds and the video that I took has a 592 x 1072 resolution. It is saved in your phone gallery (Android phone). A 10 second video is around 6.73Mb.

Here is what Facebook mentioned about its latest feature: –

Voice messages on WhatsApp changed the way people communicate by providing a quick and secure way to share your voice. We’re excited to build on this feature with new instant video messages. Now you can record and share short personal videos directly in the chat.

Video messages are a real-time way to respond to chats with whatever you want to say and show in 60 seconds. We think these will be a fun way to share moments with all the emotion that comes from video, whether it’s wishing someone a happy birthday, laughing at a joke, or bringing good news.

Sending a video message is as simple as sending a voice message. Just tap to switch to video mode, and hold to record the video. You can also swipe up to lock and record the video hands-free. Videos will play automatically on mute when opened in a chat, and tapping on the video will start the sound. Video messages are protected with end-to-end encryption to keep your messages secure.

Video messages have begun rolling out and will be available to everyone in the coming weeks.

Introducing Instant Video Messages – WhatsApp Blog

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