This is Ella, Without Consent, Parent Worst Nightmare

If you are a parent or going to be a parent in future, you got to watch this. It is deepfake at the worst, and a nightmare for anyone who got into this situation.

Imagine your children’s photos being used and created into some deepfake video like this one. One of which, Ella, the little girl is being transformed to an adult version using AI and software and talking to her parents about the danger of posting on social media.

Some of you may get a shock while some of you may not think that this could happen. The fact that once we posted something on the Internet, it stays there for a long time. If you still do not know what I meant, check out the video.

Here is the description I copied from the original of the video.

Without Consent
We are happy to share pictures – whether of holidays, celebrations and private moments – directly with each other. That’s beautiful and connects us. However, once online, this personal data is available worldwide and indefinitely. And that can have unforeseen consequences. Which one is described using the example of Ella. In order to prevent abuse, we are all called upon. To strengthen our media literacy, to review our own approach to data protection and data security and thus to avert unwanted damage from the outset. When handling sensitive data, special care and attention must be taken.

Do you think this scenario would happen? It is inevitable that some data or personal photos are shared online. I believe the stronger message here is data privacy and data security. Let me know your view.