Read This Before You Buy The Prism+ Q75 Ultra

If you are thinking of upgrading your 55-inch TV to a 75-inch TV, you got to know these. What are the things to look out for when upgrading? I have done that and here is my genuine review.


Prism+ recently approached me to review their latest Q Series of Google TV. I agree to do it because I think that my current 55-inch TV is getting too “small”. I need to find out if I can fit a bigger TV or not. Therefore, I chose the 75-inch Prism+ Q75 Ultra QLED Google TV for my review.

I did not think much about it until it is almost delivery time. I realized that I might need to change the current bracket (drill some holes) and might not have enough height to fit my TV console.

Bear in mind that this is a review unit and I need to return it after my review. And I will need to replace back the bracket and the holes that I created will be unsightly. I also do not wish to reconfigure my TV console for this review.

What to look out for when changing to a larger TV?

In my video, I shared with you the full process and shared my thoughts about changing it to such a large TV in a moderate hall area. Do check it out if you are interested.

If you have watched the video, you will know the key takeaways.


There must be a good distance between you and the TV. For my case, the distance is merely a 2.3m. I learned from an event that for a 75-inch TV, as long as there is more than 2.3m distance, it should be OK. However, if you read through Prism+ blog post, you will know that it recommends at least 3.2m of distance.

Based on my review on the Q75 Ultra, I got used to the screen size in half a day. In fact, I would not know what to do when I return this review unit.

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So, it is up to you to decide if you need such a big TV or not. For my case, I love it.

Mounting Area

This is very important if you want to mount the TV to the wall. Before you buy a TV, do some research like: –

  • What is the weight of the TV?
  • What is the maximum weight your false wall or fixture can withstand?
  • What type of mounting do you need? (fix or swivel mount)

For my case, I am mounting it on a concrete wall. So, weight is not a problem. If you are mounting on a false wall, check with your contractor if it can withstand the weight of the TV. For the Q75 Ultra, it is 28kg. Based on my discussion with Prism+ installer, they will not recommend using swivel mount for false wall. For my case, I am using the swivel mount.

Another thing to take note is the distance between your power socket and the TV. For Prism+’s 75-inch and above TV sets, you are provided a 1.5m power cable. In my case, it barely makes it to the connector. Here is a close up. Do take note.

Sound Bar

Although your TV might have a nice speaker, it is definitely not able to be compared to a good soundbar. In my review video, I showed it based on a fighting scene in a movie. You can hear the bass from the gunfire with a soundbar. Compare it without a soundbar, the scene becomes a little “boring”. BTW, I am using the Prism+ Symphony Soundbar (not sponsored).

The actual TV Set

This might be the most important of all the criteria. Which is the best TV to choose from? Recently, bigger TVs are becoming popular in Singapore. If money is not an issue, there are many brands to choose from. If you need an affordable one without compromising on the features and quality, you can check out Prism+ range of TVs. The one I am reviewing is the Prism+ Q75 Ultra QLED Google TV. It is very affordable at less than SGD 2,000. As of this writing, it is at SGD 1,499.

And it comes with these features and setup.

If you check out most of the major streaming services, you will notice that most will support Dolby Vision, Dolby ATMOS, HDR10+ and etc. Good news for you if you are using the latest Prism+ TV as it is able to support them. For this Prism+ Q75 Ultra, it also supports Filmmaker mode. I also shared the differences with and without Filmmaker mode in my video.

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If you are targeting value for money, this is really a good deal. Now, the next question is on the quality of this Q75 Ultra.

In its official page, it mentions ZeroBezel. Does it really have zero bezel? Of course not. Here is a close up of the bezel. It is very thin. If you are watching a show, it seems bezel-less.

As you may also know, previously, Prism+ has Android TV in their models. However, as Google has introduced Google TV since 2020, all Prism+ latest models are now integrated with Google TV.

It is very similar to Android TV except that it focuses on better user interface and experience. And with Google TV, it comes with Google Assistant that you can activate instantly.

In previous models, there is also Google Assistant. However, with Google TV, it incorporates Far Field Voice Control. You can now control your TV hands-free. My only issue is that I have many Google controlled devices. So, when I say “Hey, Google” or “Ok, Google”, all the devices start to activate the Google Assistant. Of course, you can disable them or be like me, let them “handle” my request. So far, it is OK.

In terms of the 4K screen quality, do take note that it is using QLED and not OLED. Therefore, do expect some light leaks from the edges. Prism+ has a blog post on the QLED and OLED comparison, do check it out.


I love the big TV and this Prism+ Q75 Ultra fits my needs based on the pricing. Of course, if you are very particular over quality, there are other brands that you might like.

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The TV comes with 3 years warranty and free delivery and assembly. The Prism+ installers are friendly and knowledgeable. However, I do prefer that they can prepare their vacuum if there is drilling (some houses might not have handheld vacuum).

Navigating the TV is simple especially if you have used Android or Google TV before. If you are getting such a big TV, do invest on a good sound system or soundbar.

On a final note, if you are watching a non-HD or low-resolution content on it, it will appear more pixelated.

Thank you, Prism+, for loaning it for my review. Now, the problem is how do I return back to my 55-inch TV after this review. Haha.

Check Out the Prism+ Q75 Ultra Here