Apple Unveils Apple Vision Pro Mixed Reality Headset

This is the most exciting news from Apple this year. It has unveiled the Apple Vision Pro, a headset that blends the real and digital world together. It is controlled by eye, hands and voice.

It runs on its own OS, VisionOS, and has a separate battery pack. Apple deems it as the new era of spatial computing. Apple created a totally new OS to complement this hardware. And when you wear it, all your familiar apps will appear in front of you. It has many cameras to see the world outside and inside.

Check out the introduction video.

The Apple Vision Pro looks like a ski mask. When you wear it, it even projects a pair of eyes on the outside as if you are looking at the outside world. It is hard to describe.

It is powered by 2 chips, the M2 chip and a new R1 chip. Many of the apps are already compatible with Apple Vision Pro. New apps will be developed to make full use of it. The Apple Vision Pro will be available next year at USD3,499 in the US and to other countries later next year.

Check Out the Press Release.