James Dyson Unveils Dyson Gen5detect with Motor Made in Singapore

James Dyson unveils its latest cordless handheld vacuum cleaner, the Dyson Gen5detect, which uses the latest Gen5 Hyperdymium motor made in Singapore.

If you think Dyson V15 Detect Absolute is the best, it has been overtaken by this Dyson Gen5detect, which has 70 minutes of run time, and the fastest and most powerful motor (spins at 135,000 rpm). It also helps to trap viruses. There are more. Check out the introduction of Dyson Gen5detect by James Dyson.

It is currently available in the UK at £849.99.

Click Here to Check Out the Dyson Gen5detect

It is amazing to see how Dyson cordless handheld vacuum has progressed over the years. I remember my first Dyson handheld’s battery could last only 15 minutes.

I love the design from Dyson. Recently I bought a stand for the V15 and I can see a lot of thoughts have been put into the design of a simple stand for it.

Not sure when the Dyson Gen5detect will reach Singapore. I will update again.

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