PSA: Kopitiam Card to be Discontinued from 30 June 2023

This is a Public Service Announcement. Kopitiam card will be discontinued from 30th June 2023. And from 1st March 2023, you can get a full cash refund or get the funds transferred to the Fairprice app in the form of Linkpoints.

I have the Kopitiam card (yes, that is my card above. It is super old, and I am not even sure if I have any funds in it) and also the Fairprice app. In my opinion, just switch to the Fairprice app. It is very convenient and tied to a credit card. You do not need to queue up to top-up like you used to for the Kopitiam card. And using the Fairprice app, you still get the 10% discount you enjoyed with the Kopitiam card and earn Linkpoints.

I love the Fairprice app. It is very easy to use, and with Kopitiam’s POS integrated to accept the app, you can pay the amount to the hawkers easily when they scan your QR code.

So, remember to get the refunds from Kopitiam. You can read more info HERE.

Unfortunately, I am not able to access Kopitiam page on Facebook.