Get Your YouTube Handle Now

If you have a YouTube channel, you need to know this. YouTube is rolling out YouTube Handle for everyone. For TechieLobang, this is the new URL with handle name:

If you want to get noticed, you will need to do this immediately because your favorite handle might not be available. If you are confused about what handle is, check out this video.

Basically, it is a way to get your YouTube channel noticed with a name that is linked to it. For TechieLobang, since the start, I have registered my unique name “TechieLobang” to it. Therefore, when the handle option is available, I am able to use the @TechieLobang immediately.

If you have not done so, the link to your channel might look like this:

The roll out of YouTube handle is on-going. You will be notified by email if it is available. Or you can just go to YouTube Studio, select “Customization” and under the “Basic info” tab, you will be able to see if you are eligible for it. Have fun!