You Can Now Get a Real Working Invisible Shield

If you are obsessed with cloaking or becoming invisible (not the green screen effect using video editing), this might interest you. There is a Kickstarter project that promises to develop a real working one right now. If you want to support, there are 10 more days before the campaign is over.

It uses the simple theory of reflecting light to achieve the effect. When you see directly at Invisible Shield, you can see “right through” it. I think this diagram is the best way to describe the theory.

Here is a working prototype.

I supported this project but I really don’t have any usage for this invisible shield (BTW, I supported the smaller version of it). I have been hearing about the invisible cloak for so long and finally, I can get a similar product via Kickstarter. Hopefully, it will not disappoint.

You can also make one yourself if you have the material and technical skills. Check out this video. What will you do if you have this Invisible Shield?

As usual, I need to stress that Kickstarter is a crowd-funding platform where you support the creator by providing a sum of money for the creator to develop the product (you DO NOT buy the product). As a token of appreciation, they will deliver the finished product upon completion (and based on the amount you supported, the product might be different). However, in the event that they cannot produce the product, you will not get any money back.