Learn to Create Content with Creators Academy by ASUS

ASUS announces a partnership with Blue Microphones by Logitech for Creators to join the ongoing initiative and efforts of Creators Academy by ASUS. Creators Academy by ASUS is a platform where creators share their experiences in creating content. You can check them out HERE.

What you can anticipate is a conducive environment for content creators to share their experiences and for up-and-coming content creators like you to learn from the best. Together with the support of good hardware like ASUS products and Blue Microphones by Logitech for Creators, I am sure a lot can be achieved in the creative scenes.

I suggest you check out the Academy by ASUS to learn more about it and take your time to listen to creators like Jaze Phua and more about their experiences in creating content.

BTW, if you have been searching for USB microphones, you might have come across the brand Blue Microphones (which has products like Blue Yeti condenser microphones). Logitech has acquired Blue Microphones a few years ago and therefore the Blue Microphones by Logitech for Creators are the same good quality condenser microphones from Blue Microphones.

Or you can continue to read the below Press Release for more information.

Press Release

ASUS Announces Partnership with Blue Microphones by Logitech for Creators to Recognise Creators and their Work in Singapore

Running a platform where creators from all walks of profession can come together to share, learn, and inspire one another.

Singapore, 12th April 2022 — ASUS welcomes Blue Microphones by Logitech for Creators – the world’s renowned innovative audio production brand to join the ongoing initiative and efforts of Creators Academy by ASUS.

The ASUS Creators Academy was started back in 2021, creating a platform for local content creators to share, learn, and inspire one another. The initiative started with a few amazing content creators like local comedy expert Jaze Phua where he shared about VFX video effects tutorials; YouTuber Butterworks where they talked about storytelling, photographer Ryanmamba where he taught about colour-grading together with many others. Till today, the Creators Academy has already seen many creators onboard with many tutorials, tips and guides lined up for the community.

“The Creators Academy is not just a place where creators from all walks of profession can come together to share, learn and inspire one another, it is also an initiative where brands like ASUS and many others can band together to enable and empower these creators with the avenues to showcase their work and skills and not forgetting the resources or equipment they might need. Which is why, to have Blue Microphones by Logitech for Creators joining the Creators Academy along with others is a milestone for us.” said Eddie Teng – Head of Marketing, ASUS Singapore.

By partnering with Blue Microphones by Logitech for Creators, the Creator Academy by ASUS will expand its content variety to reach to more creators, from music production, to illustration, video editing, and many more. A new Creator Academy Facebook Page and group will launch in early Q2 for creators to discuss and share their work. The latest creative news will also be shared in the group for creators to catch on the latest trend.

“While creating has become more accessible than ever, in order to be successful and sustainable, creators need the right tools and support. Logitech for Creators has the tools to help creators simplify the process of creation. We make the tools, creators change the world.” said Bernard Chow – Cluster Head, Singapore ASUS and Blue Microphones by Logitech for Creators are both passionate about technology and driven by innovation. Recognising that every creator needs a tool of their own, ASUS has designed products around their needs and has established a pro line up of products specifically for the creators, which is dedicated to bringing out the best work from all creative minds.

The Ultimate Mic for Creating and Streaming

Yeti is the world’s most celebrated USB microphone for gaming and streaming. Featuring Blue’s proprietary tri-capsule technology, Yeti delivers the highest quality, most versatile audio recording capabilities. Yeti is equipped with important direct controls, including microphone gain for controlling the mic’s sensitivity and an instant mute button. Yeti features four different recording patterns—directional to the front (cardioid) for rejecting background noise for single person gaming, omnidirectional for the whole group, bidirectional (front and back), and stereo (right and left). Yeti also features Blue VO!CE, a studio-grade software that features advanced voice modulation and HD audio samples To learn from the best content creators from Singapore, please visit https://creatorsacademy.sg/ to find out more.

About ASUS

ASUS is a global technology leader that provides the world’s most innovative and intuitive devices, components and solutions to deliver incredible experiences that enhance the lives of people everywhere. With its team of 5,000 in-house R&D experts, ASUS is world-renowned for continuously reimagining today’s technologies for tomorrow, garners more than 11 awards every day for quality, innovation and design, and is ranked among Fortune’s World’s Most Admired Companies.

About Logitech for Creators and Blue Microphones

Logitech For Creators is a brand extension of Logitech that helps all creators pursue their passions by unlocking their extraordinary potential and ability to shape culture. #TogetherWeCreate is our vision of collaborating with creators to shape the future of creating together. We celebrate creators and put them at the heart of everything we do, and support them with our products and services. Logitech For Creators brings together Blue Microphones, a brand that has always served creators with their tools. Blue continues a 25-year legacy of innovative, cutting-edge design and performance of award-winning microphones. Blue has tools to empower all creators to raise their voices. 

Founded in 1981, and headquartered in Lausanne, Switzerland, Logitech International is a Swiss public company listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange (LOGN) and on the Nasdaq Global Select Market (LOGI). Find Logitech For Creators at www.logitech.com/creators, the company blog or @LogitechC.