Nothing is NOT an Audio Company

Surprise, surprise. Carl Pei announces Nothing‘s future and it is not on any audio products. During this online event, it announces the Nothing phone (1) and it will be coming this Summer 2022.

You might be thinking “Not another Android phone” and no, it is not another Android phone. It is a phone that runs on Nothing OS using Snapdragon processor. Based on Carl’s explanation, it is an open ecosystem and friendly to other OSes. And based on the limited information about the phone (1), I am actually excited. For once, since the iPhone launch in 2007, I can feel some excitement in the smartphone space (based on what he had shown, especially the UI).

You can check out the whole event HERE.

I like the sentence he said about the current smartphone scene:

We get iterations, not innovations

Since the start of TechieLobang, there are a few phones that make me super excited: –

  • 1st Gen iPhone
  • HTC One (M8)
  • Huawei phones

It is a short list but truthfully speaking, many phones are similar and do not excite me unless I can “see” their future or at least know more about their development (like Huawei when they are on good terms with the US previously).

Unfortunately, for iPhone, the close ecosystem did not go well with me although I am holding to one iPhone. For HTC, it loses its direction (my opinion) later in their development of smartphones and for Huawei, the sanctions by the US have caused the disruption of their plan.

So, will Nothing be one of my favorite tech companies? For a start, I dislike the way they marketed the Nothing Ear (1). I feel that it is too much hype and the auction thingy does not go well with me. Now that Carl has revealed his future plan on Nothing, it gels well with what I thought about the current tech scene – boring and the future products that should have been produced. Hopefully, Nothing phone (1) is what he has described or hopes to achieve. I cannot stand another hype marketing process.

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If you think you know nothing about phone (1) after reading this post, you are right. There aren’t a lot of details about it but the logo, the matrix-looking UI, the open ecosystem, the partnership with various companies excite me.

Are you as excited as me about the future of Nothing and its Nothing phone (1)? You can register your interest on Nothing phone (1) HERE.