The Freestyle is a Voice-Controlled Portable Projector

Talking to a portable screen might not seem so far away. During CES 2022, DSP Concepts showcased a collaboration with Samsung on an innovative projector with smart speaker capability, The Freestyle.

Audio Weaver technology from DSP Concepts used to develop voice control for Samsung’s The Freestyle

According to DSP Concepts, Samsung is using its technology, the Audio Weaver development framework, to provide pre-processing to ensure accurate and reliable voice command recognition.

If you are interested in Samsung’s The Freestyle, check out this LINK.

Voice recognition, in my opinion, is very important because most frustrations come from the fact that your smart companions cannot understand your voice commands.

Based on the report, it is using Samsung Bixby for the tuning. I have not been using Samsung Bixby for a while now. Hopefully, it is getting better.

Check out the Press Release for more information.

Press Release

Samsung and DSP Concepts Collaborate on Voice Controlled Portable Screen

Innovative projector with smart speaker capability seamlessly combines entertainment with connectivity

Santa Clara, Calif. – January 6, 2022: DSP Concepts, the creator of the Audio Weaver development framework that powers sound and voice functionality for many of the world’s leading consumer and automotive brands, announced that it is working with Samsung on a new concept product: Samsung’s “The Freestyle”, a portable screen with an integrated smart speaker.

For The Freestyle, DSP Concepts collaborated with Samsung to provide voice pre-processing that ensures accurate and reliable voice command recognition. DSP Concepts used the Audio Weaver design platform to rapidly craft a custom solution for The Freestyle based on the industry leading TalkTo audio front end technology.  TalkTo combines advanced signal processing techniques to create clean audio signals for voice assistants, delivering exceptional far-field performance.  Designed with a three-mic array topology, The Freestyle enables users to control the device with voice commands and interact with both Amazon Alexa and Samsung’s Bixby.

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During the development process for The Freestyle, Samsung used Audio Weaver to test, debug, and refine performance.  Taking full advantage of the Audio Weaver workflow enabled the Samsung engineering team to accelerate the production cycle and focus on delivering innovative audio features.

Chin Beckmann, CEO and co-founder of DSP Concepts, said: “I see more and more of our customers moving towards adding voice and immersive audio features that bring connectedness and enjoyment into our home spaces.  These days, our lives include a blend of physical and virtual togetherness, and Samsung is way out in front of that trend.  We are thrilled that Audio Weaver can help our customers explore better ways to bring our devices, family, and friends more closely together.”

DSP Concepts is showcasing Audio Weaver, TalkTo, the TalkTogether voice communications solution, together with new solutions for consumer electronics and automotive at CES® in Las Vegas from January 5th to 7th.  Held each year in Las Vegas, CES is one of the world’s largest and most influential technology events.  For more information on DSP Concepts and Audio Weaver please visit

About DSP Concepts

DSP Concepts is the Silicon Valley based creator of Audio Weaver, the low-code development framework that makes audio innovation easy. Audio Weaver offers more than 550 drag-and-drop processing modules, fully customizable to provide a flexible, extensible solution for OEM’s while reducing risk and accelerating time-to-market. Audio Weaver equips engineers with real-time workflows to quickly stand up prototypes, collaborate and modify designs across teams, and deploy to the most popular chipsets from leading semiconductor companies including NXP, Qualcomm, STMicroelectronics, and Arm. Audio Weaver powers audio experiences from companies ranging from Tesla and Porsche to Spotify, GoPro, and many more.