Check Out the Hex.4B Dreamcore Edition Mechanical Keyboard

If you love mechanical keyboards, this is news you do not want to miss. Dreamcore launches the Hex.4B Dreamcore Edition mechanical keyboard which has a limited quantity of 100 sets.

Recently, there are a lot of traction on mechanical keyboards. I am not an expert. Therefore, it is better that you read the Press Release for the juicy part of this Hex.4B Dreamcore Edition. If you reside in Singapore and you want it to be fully assembled before delivery, there are only 20 units available.

If you are looking at what options you might have, I suggest you head straight to their website for the full options.

Click Here to Dreamcore Official Website for Hex.4B Dreamcore Edition Mechanical Keyboard

Check out the Press Release for more details.

Press Release

Dreamcore enters the custom mechanical keyboard scene with the Hex.4B Dreamcore Edition

In collaboration with Hex Keyboards, Mecha Store and the community

Singapore, 18 November 2021 – Custom mechanical keyboards are now more popular than ever due to the incredible amount of customizability and personalisation available. Today, Dreamcore breaks new ground with the launch of the Hex.4B Dreamcore Edition, bringing together local enterprises Hex Keyboards, Mecha Store, and local artisans in an endeavour to enrich, empower and elevate the local keyboard scene by delivering an unparalleled keyboard customization and typing experience.

Truly Custom Mechanical Keyboards

Many users in Singapore may have had the opportunity to use a mechanical keyboard, but there exists a small but growing community of users that prefer to custom-build their own mechanical keyboards in favour of unique aesthetics, a wider variety of customization options, or just as a hobby.

With the keyboard kit as the base, consumers get to pick their favourite switches, keycaps and more. Many enthusiasts also go many steps further to mod their keyboards, make franken-switches (made up of parts from different switches!), or even hand-make artisan keycaps. This has created a vibrant and creative community of keyboard enthusiasts in Singapore.

Just like in PCs, many curious about mechanical keyboards might not have the time to learn the intricacies of mechanical keyboards. The sheer variety of options can also be daunting to those not in the know. In the spirit of making the first-time mechanical keyboard experience seamless, Dreamcore is linking up with Mecha Store and local artisans to provide a streamlined configuration experience straight to each customer’s dream keyboard.

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“Many of us at Dreamcore have had the joy of owning custom mechanical keyboards ourselves, so we understand the potentially intimidating process that users new to the hobby might have to trudge through before they can enjoy the final product,” said Eugene Lim, co-founder of Dreamcore. “Along with Hex Keyboards, Mecha Store and other local artisans, we intend to dissolve this barrier, making it easier for users to own and appreciate a custom mechanical keyboard like the Hex.4B Dreamcore Edition.”


  1. Limited Dreamcore edition of the Hex.4B by Hex Keyboards, only 100 units!
  2. Vivid Nightshade purple aluminium case with internal brass weight
  3. 75% layout, enthusiast-grade custom keyboard kit
  4. Satisfying and responsive typing feel with O-ring PCB mounting
  5. Unique, ultimate thock sound with plateless soldered switch mounting
  6. VIA-compatible, fully programmable PCB
  7. Premium build and feel with CNC milled aluminium and coated internal brass weight
  8. Approximately 2.1kg built weight

An unparalleled typing experience

As a homegrown brand, Dreamcore takes every opportunity to support other similar homegrown businesses, and there was no better partner to go to market with than Hex Keyboards. A Singapore-based designer of custom mechanical keyboards, Hex’s 4B is 100% designed from scratch in Singapore. With the 4B, Hex Keyboards has created a breakthrough plateless design with an innovative O-ring mounting method and meticulously-tested PCB relief cuts.

The typing experience on the 4B is one of responsiveness and satisfaction. While most popular mechanical keyboards on the market use a switch mounting plate and dampening foam, Hex has created a foamless and plateless design that relies on the PCB to hold the switches secure. In terms of feel, this extra flexibility creates a sensation of gentle bounciness with every keystroke; truly an experience to behold. In terms of sound, all of this meticulous engineering comes together to create a thock that is both unique and satisfying.

Dreamcore’s collaboration with Hex Keyboards manifests itself in a unique and custom design that’s exclusively available at Dreamcore. Opening the board up, the coated internal brass weight is precisely stamped with the Dreamcore logo. On the outside, the alluring Nightshade purple sheen on the outer case, the rich bronze of the brass weight and precisely chamfered edges come together for a keyboard that simply shines.

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Custom Configured

In the spirit of a truly customizable keyboard, Dreamcore is offering multiple configuration options with the Hex.4B Dreamcore Edition. In addition to a barebones kit that users can buy and customize with their own switches and keycaps, Dreamcore will also be offering local customers a limited number of fully-built and customizable units, assembled by local artisan builders.

Customization options include a solid range of linear, tactile and clicky switches, alongside a number of beautiful keycap options that feature high-quality double-shot construction. In the spirit of being a true custom mechanical keyboard, switch modification options are available as well, including lubing and filming. Switch lubing is a process where lubrication is added to contact points inside each switch in order to bring out the smoothest feel and best sound. Filming brings this a step further, adding a thin plastic film to the case, further improving the sound profile.

These options set the Hex.4B Dreamcore Edition apart from other off-the-shelf mechanical keyboards in the market, placing the Hex.4B Dreamcore Edition squarely as a premium custom mechanical keyboard.

Locally Assembled

To highlight the community element of the endeavour, Dreamcore is working with local keyboard builder catalyticshadow to livestream the building of these keyboards. The livestream allows viewers to learn about how a custom mechanical keyboard is put together, which serves one of Dreamcore’s main objectives – to reduce information asymmetry and provide an educational purchasing experience.

catalyticshadow is one of the pioneers in Singapore’s custom mechanical keyboard community. Starting his custom mechanical keyboard journey in early 2017, he worked with iLumkb and Hex Keyboards and has since earned a reputation for being one of the community’s most trusted builders.

Find catalyticshadow on Twitch, or chat him up in the SGMK Discord server @catalyticshadow#0609. Dreamcore and catalyticshadow will release more details about the livestream on their social media pages in due time.

A Community Endeavour

In the spirit of empowering local creators, Dreamcore is also working closely with a few key local artisan builders to serve Singaporean buyers who want to get in on the custom mechanical keyboard hobby but might not have the time to learn the ins and outs of the hobby.

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Such buyers also have the option to purchase the Hex.4B Dreamcore Edition barebones kit and reach out to other local artisans to complete their dream keyboard. More information about some of these local artisans can be found in appendices D and E.

Pricing and Availability

Dreamcore has only manufactured 100 units of the Hex.4B Dreamcore Edition mechanical keyboard, making this a truly limited-edition piece.

20 units will be set aside for customers looking for a fully-assembled keyboard, and will only be available to customers located in Singapore. The remaining units will be available internationally as barebones kits, shipped via DHL.

The Hex.4B Dreamcore Edition will retail at $350 for a barebones kit, and prices will start at $500 for fully-assembled units. These units will be available for purchase at starting 09:00 PM Singapore Time on 19th November 2021.

Previous Hex keyboards have been known to sell out within minutes of release, and Dreamcore and Hex Keyboards are expecting the Hex.4B Dreamcore Edition to follow suit. Customers are encouraged to check out as soon as the sale goes live to avoid disappointment.

About Dreamcore

Dreamcore was founded in 2016 to empower creators through next generation technology tools. Since then, Dreamcore has grown steadily to become Singapore’s fastest growing company in the market for custom-built PCs, offering innovative cutting-edge technology from bespoke computers and peripherals to enterprise solutions for AI and machine learning.

Putting customers at the heart of its business, Dreamcore sets itself apart with transparent pricing, sincere service and a truly personalised guided experience. Dreamcore’s purpose is to leverage design and technology to create high-performing and aesthetically beautiful workstations tailor-made for individual needs.