How to Check Places Visited by COVID-19 Cases in Singapore

As the Singapore MMTF (Multi-Ministry Taskforce) stops sharing details of the places visited by COVID-19 patients recently (actually a few months already), there is no way to know where to avoid them in the public spaces. Thankfully, they have come up with a map to show how many COVID-19 patients visited the areas.

It is actually a heat map, indicated by RED patches. The redder it is, the more COVID-19 patients visited those red patches areas. If you have a quick glance, you will realize that almost the whole of Singapore is red. And places not red in colors are vast open areas or military areas like Paya Lebar airport.

Popular places like Tampines, Bedok, Geylang, Orchard Road are redder. Surprisingly, Sengkang is red. You can check out this map by visiting the link below.

COVID-19 Situation Report

Once you reach the site, remember to select the “Geospatial Data” tab to view the map. Since Singapore decided to go the “endemic” way, the COVID-19 cases sky-rocketed within a few weeks, overwhelming the hospitals. Hopefully, the situation can become stable as people start to treat COVID-19 as a common illness. If you read the FAQ, you will realize that MOH doesn’t even need you to declare if you have COVID-19 or not (if you are asymptomatic or without symptoms).

Here is an excerpt from their FAQ: –

MOH | Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Stay safe, everyone!