PRISM+ Launches Q-Series PRO Android TV

PRISM+ launched the Q-Series PRO yesterday in a non-virtual event (finally!). Thanks to Prism, I got to witness the latest Q-Series Pro range (55-inch, 65-inch, and 86-inch) up close.

Here are the highlights of the new Q-Series PRO. It continues to have the Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos, built-in Chromecast. Now, it added Quantum Color and Far Field Voice Control to it.

In terms of software, it is running on Android 10. And app-wise, you can finally install Viu, meWATCH, and iQIYI officially on PRISM+ Android TV.

If you already have PRISM+ Android TV, you might encounter an error when trying to log in to VIU app after you downloaded it via the Google PlayStore. This is because VIU is very selective in its partners and only selected partners can run the app. I don’t know how PRISM+ does it, they are able to convince VIU. Now, if you try to log in to your VIU app on PRISM+ Android TV, you can successfully do so. I have tried and confirmed it is working.

And another new feature that needs mentioning is the Far Field Voice Control. In a demo during the event, the PRISM+ Q Series PRO can understand the command when you speak directly to it, and it can recognize different languages.

According to PRISM+, Far Field Voice Control works even when the TV is turned off. If you are worried about privacy, you can disable the Far Field Voice Control. Here is a comparison between Far Field Voice Control as compared to the conventional remote control.

During the event, they also invited Ashim Mathur, Senior Regional Director, Emerging Markets, from Dolby Laboratories to let us know more about Dolby Vision and Atmos.

If you notice, more shows or movies are supporting Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos. If you don’t want to miss out, get a TV with these features. According to Dolby, to be able to get Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos to support a TV set or brand, they must be able to fulfill Dolby’s hardware requirements.

Now, for the more interesting part of the event. How much are these PRISM+ Q Series PRO Android TVs? Surprisingly, they are very affordable. The Q Series Pro will retail at S$999 for its 55-inch model, S$1199 for its 65-inch model, and S$2,999 for the 86-inch model and is available for purchase at its online store and official Lazada store.

I cannot imagine that you can get an 86-inch TV set at less than S$3,000 a few years ago. Here are some comparisons of the 55-inch and 65-inch versus other brands.

And here are the specs of the three models.

All PRISM+ Q-Series PRO comes with 3 years full onsite warranty.

During the event, they also talked about their service support. Now, they even have 24×7 standby duties. Now, tell me, which brand will provide such services?

No doubt, PRISM+ is a young company. However, with their recent products and very nice pricing, no wonder they are recognized as the top TV brand on HardwareZone and the top-selling Android TV brand on Lazada.

Now, check out the introductory video.

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Read the Press Release for more details.

Press Release

PRISM+ launches their new line of Q Series PRO Android TVs

Headlined by the 86-inch Q86-QE PRO, the brand’s premium range of 4K UHD TVs comes with new features such as hands-free voice control, Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos and a stellar list of pre-installed content provider apps

Singapore, 22 July 2021 – Homegrown consumer tech brand PRISM+ today announced its premium range of Android Televisions (TVs), the Q Series PRO Android TVs. At launch, the Q Series PRO will be headlined by the launch of its largest-ever TV, the Q86 PRO Quantum Edition, and will feature two other models – the Q65 PRO Quantum Edition and the Q55 PRO Quantum Edition. In addition to the beloved smart features associated with its earlier Android TVs, the Q Series Pro will come packed with Hands Free Voice Control, Dolby Vision® HDR, Dolby Atmos® immersive audio as well as improved Quantum Color backlight technology to bring home the ultimate cinematic experience.

The Q Series Pro will retail at just SGD$999 for its 55-inch model, SGD$1199 for its 65-inch model and SGD$2,999* for the 86-inch model and is available for purchase at its online store and official Lazada store.

Designed to bring users the ultimate home entertainment experience, the Q Series PRO range of TVs will feature 4K Ultra High Definition displays on par with premium televisions available on the market at a fraction of the cost. Thanks to its cutting-edge Quantum Color backlight technology, PRISM+’s latest range of premium Android TVs delivers unparalleled brightness and contrast, along with outstanding colour volume and accuracy.

Jon Ng, Managing Director of PRISM+ said “The launch of the Q Series PRO Android TVs continues to build on PRISM+’s legacy of making quality home entertainment accessible. Our latest range of televisions, which include our largest screen to date, are a reflection of the progress we have made as a company; featuring technologies born out of exciting partnerships with market leaders such as Dolby and our continued product development.”

Biggest Size For the Largest Value: 86” 4K Android TV for Only $2,999*

The newest addition to the Q series PRO is the massive 86” TV, built to provide the most immersive cinematic home entertainment possible. The price point is a huge game changer for end-users looking to experience the luxury of a home theatre, and offers far more value than anything seen on the market today.

Bringing the Cinema Home to You: Dolby Vision & Dolby Atmos

With the pandemic having changed media consumption habits, PRISM+ has recognised the demand for improved home entertainment systems. The PRISM+ Q Series PRO Android TVs are built with new image and sound technologies guaranteed to impress. 

The premium Android TVs are armed with Dolby Vision, which transforms picture quality with ultra vivid images filled with incredible brightness, contrast, color, and detail that bring entertainment to life. Highlights are up to 40 times brighter and blacks are 10 times darker than a standard picture. Images blaze brightly from the screen and highlights dazzle. The combination of sharper contrast, truer blacks, and nuanced shadow details add an amazing sense of depth. Additionally, the greatly expanded color palette of Dolby Vision adds true, distinctive colors across a wider brightness range.

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In addition to improved screen technologies, the PRISM+ Q Series PRO Android TVs also come with spectacular sound, thanks to Dolby Atmos. With Dolby Atmos, listeners will be enveloped in a wave of sounds through rich, immersive audio that will blow away what they thought a TV’s built-in speakers could sound like. It brings audiences inside the action as the sounds of people, places, things, and music come alive with breathtaking realism and move throughout the space. From intimate moments like the sound of footsteps or the soft rustling of leaves – to grand action packed sequences across battlefields on different worlds, viewers are seated in the heart of the story thanks to an immersive sound quality experience like no other.

Ashim Mathur, Senior Regional Director, Emerging Markets, Dolby Laboratories said: “Our goal here, at Dolby, is to create an audio-visual experience that brings entertainment to life. The combined Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos experience in a single form factor, will allow PRISM+ consumers to experience their favourite content as the creators originally intended. With a large and constantly growing library of titles available, consumers in Singapore can instantly access this amazing content in Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos.”

Enhanced Brightness & Vibrancy: Quantum Color Backlight Technology

Fitted with improved Quantum Color backlight technology, the Q Series PRO range of TVs is capable of delivering a wider color gamut with greater brightness levels as compared to the previous Q Series. This results in enhanced vibrancy, richness and brightness of colors which further empowers Dolby Vision’s ability to display content truest to the creators’ vision.

Hands-Free Experience: Upgraded Far Field Voice Control

With in-built microphones in the TV and Google Assistant, consumers can control their whole entertainment experience from any corner of the room with just their voice – without the need for a remote control. This is a huge upgrade from the previous Q series where users had to physically press a button on the remote to activate it.

Users can now instruct their Android TV to perform certain functions by simply saying “Hey Google” or “Ok Google”. Users can do everything from change channels, play videos on Netflix or YouTube and even turn on the TV via voice commands. Apart from the convenience this feature provides, users will also be able to save on additional Google Home devices since the Q Series PRO is fully compatible with existing Smart Home configurations.

Access To The Widest Selection Of Content : Strategic Partnerships With meWATCH, Viu, iQiyi

Understanding that Singaporeans consume a large variety of content from local to Hollywood blockbusters, Korean and Chinese content creators, we’ve established key partnerships with prominent content providers such as meWATCH, Viu and iQiyi to provide a stellar selection of shows, dramas and movies. Apps come pre-installed on all PRISM+ Android TVs and are bundled with extensive premium free trial periods up to 12 months**.

As a homegrown brand ourselves, PRISM+ is proud to deliver beloved local content through the newly launched meWATCH app on Android TVs. Anil Nihalani, Head of Digital Products and Technology, Mediacorp, said, “We are delighted to work with PRISM+ to bring the best of Singaporean content to viewers through our meWATCH app, newly available on Android TVs. We believe that fans will delight in the wide range of entertainment and news titles available, and enjoy the convenience of browsing these easily on the new Q Series PRO Android TVs.”

PRISM+ also has a strong partnership with Korean Streaming giant, Viu. “The partnership between Viu and PRISM+ is a perfect fit — we’re both changing the world of entertainment by constantly enhancing our customers’ experience in delivering quality content through the pre-installed Viu app with PRISM+’s Android TVs. With the demand of streaming increases, Viu has become a window to the world and we believe that this significant partnership will provide Viu-ers the most immersive TV experience and make discovering the best of Asian entertainment better than ever before,” said Anson Tan, Country Head, Viu Singapore.

Fans of Chinese, Korean and local-language dramas will also be delighted to find iQiyi pre-loaded onto our Android TVs. “We’re thrilled to launch iQiyi and make cinematic and  thoughtful storytelling accessible via PRISM+’s Android TVs,” said Kuek Yu-Chuang, iQiyi’s Vice-President of International Business. “As the home of beloved pan-Asian content and as one of Dolby Laboratories’ small pool of partners in Asia, PRISM+’s users can look forward to enjoying high-quality exclusive premium content like top-charting My Roommate is a Gumiho and upcoming Southeast Asian Original The Ferryman: Legends of Nanyang in up to 4K resolution and Dolby Audio. iQiyi hopes to continue to elevate the viewing experience of Asian content for our audiences, and are excited to form more synergies with like-minded partners like PRISM+ to achieve this collective goal.”

Pricing and Availability

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The PRISM+ Q Series PRO is available for purchase on the PRISM+ online store and all authorised online retailers. For more information on price, details and specifications please see below or visit:

Resolution4K UHD4K UHD4K UHD
Quantum IPS PanelYesYesYes
Display Colors1.07 Billion1.07 Billion1.07 Billion
Dolby VisionYesYesYes
Dolby AtmosYesYesYes
DTS TruSurroundYesYesYes
Digital TVYesYesYes
Android TV OS10.010.010.0
Google PlayStoreYesYesYes
Inbuilt ChromeCastYesYesYes
Google AssistantYesYesYes
Hands Free Voice ControlYesYesYes
Warranty 3 Years Full Onsite3 Years Full Onsite3 Years Full Onsite

*Prices are as of after deducting promotional discounts

**Free 12-month MeWatch subscription, Free 3-month Viu subscription

About PRISM+

Founded in 2017, PRISM+ is a rapidly growing display technology brand which offers top-notch gaming monitors at best-value prices in Singapore. As display specialists, PRISM+ has expanded its offerings by making high-end premium smart TVs affordable to the masses via a direct-to-consumer business model that skips the middlemen mark-up and commissions to pass down cost-savings to consumers.